Main Ventilation Monitor System

Provide modern underground mines safety, reliability, economic, and friendly operation interface.




This system was developed to online monitor the operation status of Main Fan of the ventilation system for the underground mines, to provide the 7×24 automatic monitor and support the safe and reliable operation of underground mines.



Monitor Data


  • Negative pressure of mine shaft, static pressure of fan’s entry, ventilation (Bi-Direction) flow, Speed
  • Switches Status of Power Supply System with the real-time current
  • Fan Shaft temperature, Motor Shaft temperature
  • Fan Run/Stop, Alarm with time tag in 1ms, the data will be stored for one month.




Management Function


  • Display of ventilation parameters, fan speed, motor active power, load curve, key measurement data
  • Monitor function, can display the Electric System Scheme, Ventilation System Scheme, menu driven screen switch, Animation, Curves, Bar Chart function
  • Generation of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly report, support searching function



System Topologic



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