Service Shaft Hoisting and Car Operation Control System

Integrates Hoisting, Loading, and Unloading control system, eld bus communication with direct cable connection as backup, Hydraulic Station status is also monitored.




  • Applied PLC as central control unit, and field bus network for communication. 
  • System power voltage AC127V, individual isolate transformer with UPS in secondary. 
  • 20% more backup I/O in Load/Unload control system. 
  • Hoisting control system communicate with Unload control system by fieldbus and direct cable connection, Watch Dog signals from both side are monitoring each other. 
  • Unloading System records hoist batch and hoisted coal volume, and has Report function with hardcopy. 
  • The system monitor and control hydraulic station of load/unload system as well.
  • In case signaling system or PLC system fault, the operation can be conducted by backup signal system.



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